Data security and protecting personal information

PropertyIQ uses security procedures and technology to protect the information we hold. Access to personal information within PropertyIQ is subject to rigorous controls which seek to prevent misuse or unlawful disclosure of the information. If other organisations provide support services, we require them to take appropriate technical and organisational measures to secure the privacy of the information provided to them. We also ensure APIs and third party connectivity receive appropriate levels of cyber assurance and security testing.

All information displayed on the PropertyIQ platform is protected by 256-bit encryption running on a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). You can confirm your session is encrypted by the appearance of a locked padlock symbol at the foot of your browser.

PropertyIQ is committed to delivering best-in-market security features. Our multi-factor authentication feature adds an extra layer of security when signing into an account, requiring both a password and verification code that’s generated with an authentication app. We’ve a strict password policy and clients can optionally restrict user access to certain data and data exports.

PropertyIQ data is cloud hosted on Amazon Web Services with daily data backups. We’re committed to protecting the security and integrity of your personal information and keep records of our interactions with you stored in an encrypted secure database and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, regulatory and legislative requirements and industry best practices.

There are a few simple measures you can take to protect your data and personal information, and to ensure you are protected by the highest level of security.

  • Multi-factor authentication – We strongly recommend enabling multi-factor authentication, enforcing a two-step verification when signing into your account.
  • A strong password – Use strong, unique passwords and change them regularly. PropertyIQ passwords must be at least eight characters and contain a mix of letters, numbers and symbols in upper and lower case. If you believe your password may have been compromised, contact us and change it as soon as possible.
  • User access and permissions – Regularly review your PropertyIQ users and permissions, deactivate old users and restrict access to certain data and exports.
  • Auto-fill – Most browsers have a native auto-fill feature. This is not disabled on the PropertyIQ site, but when using this feature for credit card details, please follow the security guidelines of your browser to keep your details safe.

For further information and tips on security and fraud, please visit Macquarie Bank’s security and fraud page.

Through our subscription with IDCARE, Australia and New Zealand’s national identity and cyber support service, we have a service to help you if you believe your personal information has been compromised. IDCARE connects individuals with identity and cyber security counsellors who provide guidance on responding to data breaches, scams, identity theft and cyber security concerns. If you would like to speak with someone from IDCARE, please visit their website or give them a call.

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